SWT Water Solutions is a division of Superwatt Global Power, a company providing tailor made, turn-key solutions. Hand-in-hand with providing POWER in isolated areas, comes the need to provide WATER. Fueled by the current scarcity of water, Superwatt has designed efficient and effective water systems that are able to convert almost any raw water source into 100% pure, clean, drinking water.


SWT offers a complete, unique, cost-effective and fully adaptable turn-key solution for any given application. From single solutions that cover entire industrial sites, office parks, housing estates (complexes), to stand-alone single applications. The systems can be configured to provide emergency relief in case of crisis (eg purifying swimming pool water into pure drinking water), swinging back to regular sources (borehole, well-point, rain water etc) or municipal mains once these sources have been restored – while all the time focusing on eliminating water wastage.

Our offering includes:

  • A complete off-grid water treatment solution.
  • A simple switching between municipal water supply, and the clients own source of borehole, rain water or grey water.
  • No water wastage: water is split during the reverse osmosis process, with all pure water being sent to a stainless-steel storage tank which is directly connected to the household water mains, and all run-off water is channeled to separate storage tanks for irrigation, and, if required, can be used in showers, toilets, etc.
  • Easy user interface with fully customizable comap control panel.
  • Smart technology allows the monitoring and management of the system via cell phone, laptop or ipad. The gsm module provides information on water usuage, tank levels, etc., as well as advance notifications of any maintenance requirements. This can be managed by the client or by way of a service contract with SWT.
  • Optional solar conversion allows the pumps to be run on solar power, effectively powering the entire system off-grid.


1. Air device: Adds gas to the system, which assists with the removal of iron from the water, before going through filtration.

2. Air and water mixing tank: Further removes iron from the water and acts as a raw water tank.

3. Manganese sand filter: Filters manganese and iron from the water.

4. Booster pump: Provide power to pressurise the water through the filtration process.

5. Quartz sand filter: Removes suspended solids, organic matter, colloid particles, micro-organisms, chlorine, odour, and some heavy metal ions in water.

6. Active carbon filter: Removes contaminants and impurities, using chemical absorption.

7. Cartridge filter: Removes additional suspended solids, in order to protect the reverse osmosis membranes.

8. High pressure pump: Provides enough pressure to push the water through the reverse osmosis membranes.

9. 1 Step Reverse Osmosis unit: Removes all water impurities, providing 100% Pure H2O.

10. Dosing system for Anti-block: Anti blockage system that removes the impurities that are caught in the membranes, automatically cleaning the unit.

11. Water fed into stainless-steel and irrigation storage tanks.

12. Mineral dosing system: Adds healthy minerals back (either into the entire water system, or at designated drinking taps).